5B, Goubadia Lane, Off Etete Road, Benin City.
5B, Goubadia Lane, Off Etete Road

Who we are

Foare Helping Hand Foundation (FHHF) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered with Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 2009. FHHF commenced skeletal operations in 2008 as a cooperative society with tangible success of its activities, equally received endorsement from relevant Ministries and Organizations in Nigeria [Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Women Affairs and similar organization both at regional and international levels.

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Our work in this area has impacted the lives of many including people with intellectual disabilities.


1.To provide vocational skills and knowledge and enable women to get employment or become self-employed.
2.Create job opportunity
3.Empower women with micro-credit scheme and how to save for rainy days
4.Develop social and health care support activities for women, especially those in rural or poor communities.
5.Encourage women to go into agriculture and equip them with necessary knowledge on how to package their products to standard.

Our Core Value

Building a society where absolute institution is reduced and everyone is given opportunity to realize their potential and enjoy higher standard of living.


In our everchanging world, the power to create, re-invent and transform simple ideas into impactful interventions has changed the way design and solutions creation is approached. We put innovation into the heart of all our programming and organization development from design to implementation and reporting.


We believe in doing the right thing, in the right way, for the right reason even when no one is watching.

Chief Executive Initiator

Ihimire Joy Ota is the Executive Director FOARE HELPING HAND FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL, an NGO dedicated to helping the less privileged have access to business funding throughout Nigeria. Joy has been at the forefront leading the Entrepreneurship Development Institution, which has been accredited by The Central Bank of Nigeria to utilize Micro Credit Scheme and Entrepreneurial Training as an instrument to bring positive changes to the core grassroots.

She has participated in Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, and various Project Implementation Programs with a shared moral concern aimed at reducing global inequalities amongst the less privileged in our society, and providing jobs and food security for those people living in severe poverty around the rural areas within Edo State and Nigeria at large.

Joy is a lover of her state/country – Edo, Nigeria; hence she is passionate about seeing sustainable development in Nigeria. This thus drives her to engage in projects that can help develop and contribute immensely to the Edo State in Nation Building.